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Whimsical. Witty. Wise.

Three words that describe Kendra Smiley. And you could add one more, intentional. Intentional in all she does as a sought after author, speaker, and radio and TV host.

Kendra Smiley never disappoints. In Mother of the Year she’s written my kind of a devotional—not too heavy, not too light, just right. Kendra has to be the only writer on the planet who could make me wish I’d been a mother. With her keen sense of humor but also a trademark ability to find the poignant in the mundane, Kendra’s vignettes and rich spiritual insights come in just moments-a- day packages. You’ll feel you’re sitting across from a mom who gets you because she’s been there. And she has.

Jerry B. Jenkins

Novelist & Biographer

Owner, The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild

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